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Slow Down, Long Way from Home, Tobacco Road, If only, Bright Lights Big City, Pain (Orchestral), Just Like a Woman, Mend a Broken Heart, The Price of Love, Broken Pieces Suite, I Walk On Gilded Splinters, Late Nights Early Flights, Little Sister, Pain (Band Version) (Bonus Track)

Suzi Quatro, Andy Scott (Sweet) Don Powell (Slade): "We all have similar backgrounds and come from the same ballpark where we learned our craft, to coin a phrase "on the road." Back then performing was the only way forward. We have huge respect for one another and approach our musicianship in the same way. We share an era and still continue to work and perform separately in concerts all over the world. After many enjoyable late night discussions it felt like the right time for us to come together to 'pool' our ideas. From the first drum beat, bass lick and guitar chord we knew we had something special. In the beginning it was fun returning to our roots by recording a few covers but eventually we started to write original songs which gave the project substance.

We have created something we are all very proud of"