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Discography/Mayfield's Mule
Drinking My Moonshine / Double Dealing Woman
1969 Parlophone R 5817
I See a River / Queen of the Rock and Roll
1970 Parlophone R 5843
We Go Rollin' / My Way Of Living
1970 Parlophone R 5858
Mayfields Mule
Emi Odeon SURL 20739 - 1970, only released in Uruguay.
Tracklist: Oh Lady, Double Dealing Woman, My Way Of Living, I See A River, Down From The Country, Drinking My Moonshine, Abracadabra, Here Comes The Rain, Rolling Down The Highway, My One For Your Two, Life's Been Good To Me
All songs originally recorded 1969/70, published by Warner/Chappell Music Publishing Ltd. and licensed courtesy of EMI Records Ltd by arrangement with Chris Mayfield.
Re-released in 2007 at Night Wing Records, Italy, NWRCD 07.